jewellery & ceramics
Aug 22 - Sept 17 2014
Topyoung 14

From over 50 Asian jewellery graduates an international jury selected the 10 best submissions. You can find innovative and elegant pieces made out of bamboo and copper. Personal stories expressed by silk thread and historical references of jade burial suits and more.


Jewellery designers are famous for their innovative use of material and their ability to make small wearable sculptures. If you want to see what is going on in this new discipline, you can can find a nice and fresh overview in Ubi Gallery.


The opening of the exhibition will be 22nd of Aug. Several artists will be there to introduce their work to you. They are happy to meet you and you are more than welcome to join.


The top 3 of this award exhibition is accredited to Liang LI , Jingyao SUN and Jiwon YANG. Congratulations! We will work on a new exhibition for coming year with you.



Opening August 22 | 62 Yangmeizhu | 16:00-18:00

Selection Ubi Top Young 2014

Ubi Gallery received more than 50 applicants for their Asian jewellery graduation exhibition. Juries from Beijing and Germany have selected the 10 most promising students and Ubi Gallery will show their works in the upcoming exhibition.

The names of the selected students are: 


Chien-lin Su

Dong Ding

Jingjing Zhang

Jiwon Yang

Jingyao Sun

Li Liang

Li-An Young

Menglu Huang

Wenyu Liao

Yezhi Zhang

June 28th –August 10th
Walk the Talk

Ubi Gallery is happy to present a large group exhibition with 15 different lecturers and professors from the metal and jewellery departments from all over China. These leading figures in jewellery education have their own studios and will share their recent work with you. It might come as no surprise that the variety of the work is great and that they are all role models for the younger generation. Each in their own special way. We see narrative work, more based on a traditional visual language, we see pieces were the wearability was leading, we see installations and more conceptual work. Most of them had followed part of their education abroad or are through their contacts at the university very well aware of the international developments. At the same time everyone developped their own identity and you are invited to look deeper than the surface of cultural variety and experience what these works are about. The leading principle in this exhibition is to share with you the recent work of a selection of the educators in China. For the future generation it is essential to have strong and passionate teachers, who walk the talk by putting in practice what they communicate.

The opening of the exhibition will be June 28th (16:00-18:00). Several artists will be there to give a small presentation to introduce their work to you. They are happy to meet you so feel free to join them.

WALK THE TALK Exhibition Open Call

A jewellery exhibition with recent work of teachers and professors from several jewellery department of Art Academies throughout China.

How to develop your own artistic career with the emanding job at the Academy. See the recent results of leading people in the jewellery field in China.


Recent jewellery work from 2013-2014, the gallery will select around 2 works from each artist.

Deadline: May 30, 2014

exhibition time: June 28 to August 28

Please send the pictures of your work and artist statement to

Ubi Gallery is a creative space, where high quality pieces of contemporary jewellery and ceramics are on display. You will find a fresh collection of Asian artists and innovative work of European designers.

Deadline Applications May 25th 2014
Ubi Gallery is looking for an operational manager (fulltime or 2 part-timers).

Check the pdf file for more details

April 26 - May 18 2014
Rituals by Yanli Duan

Yanli Duan visited Tibet in 2011. The colours, the culture and the people impressed her beyond anything she experienced before. Nobody can stay untouched by the pureness in nature, the overwhelming mountains, the devotion of its people and the infinity of the empty wildnerness.

Her collection'To Tibet' is a tribute. But more than aiming at a romanticized memory of the landscape and culture - she tries to overcome this and reaches out for a contemporary answer.

Her series started with an exploration of materials. Tibetan textiles are the base materials applied, and are the most visible recognition of this ethnic minority. But in her case the textiles are not combined with precious materials like silver. The artist used daily materials as leather, resin, aluminum and innovative additions as LED lights and plastic toys.

The LED lights emphasize the beautiful and distinguished colours that are even visible at night. Yanli Duan makes the LEDs from bike lights, and uses them to make a connection with elements from urbanization. For her it is fascinating to see how any contemporary society is able to integrate rural and urban, nature and man-made.

The plastic toys are visual focal points in the jewellery and refer to the Buddhist tradition and the respect for all stages of life and the equality of animals.

Yanli Duan also discovered that the heavy Tibetan jewellery are actually more like body pieces and this changed her idea on jewellery. In her collection she worked with this concept of body related jewellery. At the same time she tries to make them into symbols of material and spiritual value. By adding multiple layers of textile, the pieces of Yanli Duan gain volume and by working with so many different materials in one piece her concept comes alive.

The final results are beautiful pieces that invite to celebrate and reflect on your own spiritual identity.