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New to the collection

We started the new year of 2017 with some bright new work!

Christine Jalio (Fi)

Christine works with silk clay for her current collection of jewellery. It is ultra light and can be used in so many shapes and textures. She chooses to emphasize movements. She has great respect forgood finishing, craftmanship and skill. For her contemporary jewellery is arebellious and outsider art, it is an art form that has no limits or actual borders. It is art that you can carry with you and express yourself with. With her work she hopes to evoke emotions in other people, and move something inside of them. Her work method is searching and questioning. Her starting point is always an emotion to which she strives to find the correct combination of materials, shapes and colours.

Inou Beru

Inou Beru studied fine arts in Tokyo and continued her education in Dusseldorf in the ‘applied arts’ direction. In terms of materials she loves to work with are glass and porcelain. And most of her work is colourful.

Pastel colours are like Japanese nature: pink as cherry blossoms, light blue as the sky and green as fresh leaves. Through these sugar-candy-like colours and simple shapes Inou makes “sweet” jewellery.

Rakugan is the name for Japanese traditional sweets. They are colorful Japanese desserts made by pressing Japanese sugar, soybean flour and other fine powders in wooden molds. Rakugan are very delicate and appropriate for formal situations such as tea ceremony. Classic jewellery shapes, combined with sweet colours, such as sugar candies, is a fusion of Japanese and European, classic and modern.

The theme of the glass pins is "Abstract Dreams". It's the dream you dream just before waking up: intangible, abstract and not easy to catch - but the beautiful feeling remains with you for the day.


Ying-Hsiu was deeply fascinated by the forms and colours of marine animals as well as their bodily patterns and the way they grow. Through observing familiar natural phenomenon and summarizing their essence, she have conveyed characteristics observed into her works. The pins are made of super light clay, pigment, stockings, 925 silver


We have a nice selection of the Ubi Collection with discount for you - during the festive season, from Dec 20 till Chinese New Year! 

Oct 29 - Dec 17 2016
Mia & Mariko

Ubi Gallery is proud to present the exhibition with new work of Mia Kwon(KR/DE) and Mariko Sumioka(JP). Those two artists are both able to connect with materials and themes of the past and create those into wearable contemporary jewellery. With a repetition of shapes, love for material and an eye for details both make their own jewellery. Mia’s work is bold, colourful with a nice reference to fabric and fashion. Mariko’s pieces are more modest, with subtle links to Japanese unique architectural elements. We love to see both of their new work together in one exhibition and invite all of you to join us at the opening or visit us during the weeks to come.

Mariko Sumioka is from Japan and had her education in Scotland, Japan and the United States. Mariko feels inspired by the Japanese unique architectural characteristics; the linear forms and the natural materials and colours. By using patinated copper and enamel, and working with different layers of material, she is able to create the natural materials and textures found in architecture. The fact that people live in buildings and connect with the environment and the construction in a very personal way, is something the artist explores in her own pieces. This interaction is also found in people wearing and others viewing her jewellery. Both are similarly intimate.

Porcelain is often associated with precious tableware and tea sets. With her jewellery Mia Kwon wants to bring this unique elegance of porcelain closer to the people. One important element of her work is to make this precious, care requiring feeling of porcelain wearable. To preserve the unique feel of porcelain, she often use pure white, polished Mont-Blanc porcelain paired with minimal shapes.

In the work she wants to merge this traditional elegance of porcelain with the dynamic characteristics of fabric. Many of the pieces resemble clothing parts like collars and hems and also follow the flexible character of fabric. By attaching these fabric features to porcelain and adding clothing features into jewellery pieces, she aims to blur the borders between these elements and concepts to create an uncommon, contemporary perspective towards porcelain jewellery.

Oct 30 - Dec 30 2016
Henk Wolvers

Henk Wolvers' first solo show in Shanghai will open at AroundSpace Living on October 30, 2016. Henk Wolvers is a ceramicist from the Netherlands with over 30 years of experience working with porcelain. His pieces are characterized by fine lines, elegant graphic shapes and gentle brush strokes. His vessels evoke a strong sense of movement and fluidity.

The exhibition is organized by AroundSpace Living Shanghai and Ubi Gallery Beijing. The show will include signature pieces made by Wolvers in recent years, and offer a comprehensive presentation of the artist's artistic style and trajectory.

AroundSpace Living - Julu Lu crossing Fumin Lu Shanghai

Sept 26 - Oct 21 2016
In the Clouds - Beijing Design Week 2016

At Ubi Gallery you will always find the latest trends in contemporary jewellery and ceramics. For this year’s Beijing Design Week, the gallery will present colourful pieces by a mix of renowned designers from Europe and Asia. Inspired by the photo-sharing culture, Ubi selected designers who work with lenses, photo filters, light and endless clouds and scenes full of inspiration, hope and dreams. They play around with panels of colours, soap bubbles, shades and transparency to ignite your creativity.

In cooperation with: Atelier Murmur (CN), CHP..? (NL), Daisuke Motogi (JP), House of Thol (NL), Jiro Kamata (JP/DE), Kana Umeda (JP), Petite Friture (FR), Phenomena (JP), Talia Radford (AU), Studio Oddness (NL)

July 28 - Sept 4
Ubi Topyoung 2016

From over 50 Asian jewellery graduates a jury selected the 10 best submissions. A range of innovative and elegant pieces and personal stories expressed in jewellery. The artists worked with concrete, brass, leather, textile, acrylic, horsehair and more.

Jewellery designers are famous for their innovative use of material and their ability to make small wearable sculptures. If you want to see what is going on in this new discipline, you can find a nice and fresh overview in Ubi Gallery. The top 3 of this award exhibition is accredited to Yenim Park, Muhua Chen, Wei Zhou. Congratulations!

Hansek Tai | Jong Seol Lim | Muhua Chen | Ruoyan Wang | Suel Ki Lee | Ting Chun Chen | Wei Zhou | Xiaoning Lin | Ye Jia | Yenim Park