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Deadline of the Open Call: June 20th 2014 | Exhibition 22 Aug - 17 Sept 2014
Open Call UBI TOPYOUNG 2014

In the attachment you will find the application for the exhibition UBI TOPYOUNG 2014. It will be a graduation show for contemporary Asian jewellery.

The exhibition is aimed specifically at graduates of contemporary jewellery, born and educated in Asia and now (summer 2014) finishing their bachelor or master in contemporary jewellery in either an Academy in Asia, or abroad.

We invite you to share the information of UBI TOPYOUNG 2014 with your network.

The deadline for the applicants is June 20th 2014 and applications can be sent in by email to

Mar28 - Apr3|11:30-18:30|Yangmeizhu 62

In cooperation with the jewellery department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, Ubi Gallery presents the pop-up exhibition LOVE. Eleven young jewellery students reflect on the enternal theme of love. The young artists felt challenged to avoid superficial and simplistic references. Inspiration came from the diversity and meaningful layers within the theme. For the first time in their career they share their findings with the audience. And we invite you to join them and follow their exploration.

Artists: Cui Xinyu, Dai Yuchen, Feng Zixuan, Huang Xiaodai,Li Muyang, Wang Ke, Yu Xingxing, Zhang Xiaonan, Zhang Yuanyuan, Zhou Ruoxue, Zhou Wei

March 5-23|11:30-18:30| Yangmeizhu 62
Triple Parade

Ubi proudly presents Triple Parade. An exhibition based on the work of six jewellery artists from the Netherlands. A dialogue between different generations educated at the same Art School in Amsterdam; a dialogue between remarkable, outstanding and emerging artists. This exhibition is a parade of adventurous, singular and well thought-out pieces, presented in unprecedented formations and unexpected appearances.

Artists: Gijs Bakker, Lucy Sarneel, Jie Sun, Dinie Besems, Manon van Kouswijk, Boris de Beijer

After Beijing the exhibition will travel to OCT Loft Shenzhen:March 30 - April 20, 2014

Opening party at Ubi Gallery:
Wednesday March 5|19:00-21:30 In the presence of the artists Gijs Bakker, Lucy Sarneel, Jie Sun

Supported by the Creative Industries Fund NL

Nov20 - Dec29 | 11:30-18:30 |Yangmeizhu 62

To prepare ourselves for the darker winter months ahead of us, Ubi Gallery created a new exhibition with work of three bright young artists. Xinzi Song from Beijing, Heng Lee from Taiwan and Choonson Moon from Korea. All three dare work with strong colours, outspoken shapes and fresh materials: big gestures to express ourselves and to celebrate life.

Xinzi Song mainly works with silicone and is able to create innovative forms and textures with this material. By the repetition of simple elements she turns complext patterns and structures into colourful jewellery, bowls, vases and objects.

Heng Lee is inspired by traditional crafts like embroidery from the many ethnic minorities in his country. He enlarges colourful embroidery patterns and attaches these to the laser cut stainless steel. His work shows the pixel structure of the enlargement and the details and texture of the embroidery.

Choonsun Moon works with cardboard paper, wood and plastic. The small elements are put in such an order that circles are completed to form a necklace, bracelet or brooch.This results in highly aesthetic pieces, made with great care. At the same time the pieces are playful and striking by their size and flexibility.

Sept 25 - Oct 6 | 11:00-19:00| Yangmeizhu 60-62

To celebrate Amsterdam as Guest City of BJDW13, the Dutch founder and curator of Ubi Gallery – Machtelt Schelling, presents the exhibition Floating.
Water is one of the most distinctive elements of the Dutch landscape, which influenced its population in so many ways. It transformed Amsterdam into what it looks like today; built around canals. Through navigating the seas, the Netherlands were also able to bring oriental goods from China to The Netherlands. This laid a solid foundation for a long lasting relation of trade and cultural exchange between these two countries.
Ubi Gallery selected 8 artists whose work is related in a way to the theme of water and sea life. This exhibition shows bracelets made of sand, an installation of ceramic fishing floats, gold leafed anchovy fishes, floating silicon parasites and more.

Factory Dashilar | 8 Dawailangying Hutong | Sunday Sept 29 | 16:00-18:00
Lecture Agnes Fries

in creativity and production

As part of the program of Beijing Design Week 13, Ubi Gallery invited Agnes Fries to share her experience during a lecture.

Ceramic designer Agnes Fries raises questions about working with production in China. Since 2008 she has been developing products based on the skills and techniques used by the local craftsmen of Jingdezhen - a city famous for it’s porcelain and now becoming a creative hotspot for artists and designers. Sharing her time between Sweden, Denmark and China, Agnes is part of a new generation designers working globally with local craftsmen. In terms of expression and working methods she mixes the cultures of East and West, finding new ways of being an independent manufacturer.  By presenting her projects Agnes will highlight the importance of presence and of letting go when dealing with creativity and production.

You can find recent work of Agnes in Ubi Gallery. During the Beijing Design Week her collection of Floating Vases is for the first time presented in one installation.