jewellery & ceramics
March 28 - April 26 2015

Spring season in Ubi Gallery starts with an exhibition of three jewellery artists from Beijing. Song Xinzi, Lu Yi and Zhao XiaoMu are all alumni from the jewellery department of the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology. This institute is known for its focus on exploration of material and the interaction between art and technology.

Song Xinzi works mainly with silicone and has been trying to get to know the ins and outs of this material. She has been successful in creating innovative forms and textures with this material. By the repetition of simple elements she turns complex patterns and structures into colourful jewellery, bowls, vases and objects.

Her new series of jewellery evolves from the traditional Chinese knot. She attempts to give this very well known traditional symbol a contemporary approach by using industrial silicone tubes and appealing colour mixtures, which are created with liquid silicone. This also offers a fascinating extra touch to her work. For her new series of tableware she was inspired by deep-sea creatures while trying to resemble their boneless body structures. She knows exactly how to capture the liquid material into the right shape creating just the right balance between form and function.

Lu Yi is part of the first generation of jewellery artists graduating from BIFT. She uses the traditional Chinese technique of cloisonné and applies traditional material. She solders thin silver strips on a silver base, to confine space, ready to be filled with the most amazing colours of glass powder that create the enamel. Lu Yi is a master in design beautiful objects with a perfect choice of colours while using the difficult technique of enamelling. Her bird series brings out the best optical effects and long lasting colours. The objects present birds in general, not specific species. She is able to capture animals in a resting position, before they fly out or start their songs.

Zhao XiaoMu grew up in a traditional Beijing setting, in a hutong, surrounded by family and extended family members. As an adult she adjusted to the contemporary housing setting and now has been evaluating her own upbringing in her work. To her the house itself reflects the vivid memories of her family and their connection and interaction. For this new series of work, Zhao XiaoMu asked female friends to reflect on their valuation of home. She translated these answers into beautiful spiritual statements, like ‘Home is the place where I can embrace my shadow’. The other part of her new collection is called ‘Moments’. These are Xiaomu’s own reflections on the special moments in life.

2-22 of March 2015 | 48 Liangmaqiao Road Beijing
Dutch Design Pop Up at Four Seasons Hotel Beijing

Dutch design is world famous. Known for its design with a twist; it is adventurous, singular and well thought-out. In the temporary retail space Dutch Design, set at Four Seasons Hotel Beijing you will have an opportunity to engage with Dutch Design in different facets; stylish footwear, refined home accessories and refreshing furniture!

During the month of March you will find a great selection of the exclusive and creative shoes of O’Quirey. O’Quirey is synonymous with style, quality, comfort and creativity. It is not without a reason that O’Quirey is the first brand in the world selling quality dress shoes in all imaginable colours, including matching belts. O’Quirey shoes are designed by the Dutch brand founder Jan Palmen and are made by hand, using the finest European leathers.

To celebrate the start of the new season, Ubi Gallery has put together a selection of the best Dutch designs to highlight creative flower arrangements. On the different tables you will find stylish handmade glasses, bowls, vases and cups. For this exhibition Ubi Gallery collaborated with the famous brand Droog Design.

The pop-up will also present the Mazha folding stools by Studio Henny van Nistelrooy. Based on the traditional Chinese folding stool they have made a contemporary version in a vibrant exploration of pattern and color. Combining traditional furniture with contemporary design makes for an attractive interior accessory.

Ubi Gallery on TAOBAO - online webshop available!

We are celebrating Spring by launching our webstore. You can buy online products from our collection of affordable creative pieces. For special products we still invite you to visit us during our exhibitions. 

Most of the products you can find online are made in small series or unique. So if you find something - be quick! We will update the online collection frequently.

The shop is part of the Taobao platform. If you are based outside China, please drop us an email, so we can take care of the order in another way.

Li Wai of Studio KDSZ at Ubi Gallery

The collection of Ubi Gallery is expanded with some glass objects. First of all the great series by Li Wai of Studio KDSZ. The concept of the series comes from different types of traditional Chinese containers, such as vases, glasses and bowls. The design tried to bring the beauty of tradition into modern daily life. When the cup is filled with your drink, the traditional shape shows up.

Oct 25 - Nov 22 2014 | Opening Oct 25 - 14:30-16:30
Just One More


Sungho Cho, He Jing, Åsa Elmstam on reuse in jewellery

In august 2013 Ubi Gallery presented the results of the first Asian graduation competition for jewellery students. In JUST ONE MORE we will see the results of a year hard work of the winners Sungho Cho (Korea - München) and He Jing (China - Amsterdam). In their new collection they both use found objects. The work of Åsa Elmstam (Sweden – worked in Japan) is a nice addition to the exhibition with her different perspective on the theme of reuse in jewellery. With the work of these three young artists, we can present you a perfect mix of Chinese, Korean, Japenese, Swedish, Dutch, German influences in jewellery.  

Sungho Cho will be in the gallery during the opening of the exhibition on Saturday Oct 25th and will give a presentation about his collection, from 14:30 onwards.

10th of Oct 2014 | 13:00-17:00
Lecture at the Shanghai Creative Industries Week

A part of the Shanghai Creative Industries Week at the Shanghai Exhibition Center is dedicated to a jewellery exhibition. Attached to the program is a day full of lectures, by Ezra Satok-Wolman, Evan Larson-Voltz, Machtelt Schelling.